We are really looking forward to the upcomng Empower Conference in Irving, Texas, Feb. 25-26, at the Irving Convention Center, for two days of ministry, fellowship, worship, and strategizing. COTBE will have a booth on the exhibit floor, and will participate in numerous activities and sessions, including our Afterglow fellowship, featuring our COTBE music evangelists and other leaders.  Registration is free; please sign up ASAP to receive more information.  


Mon., Feb. 25

  • 9am: COTBE Business Meeting, Holiday Inn Irving Convention Center Lobby
  • 10am-11am: Set up COTBE Exhibit Booth, Irving Convention Center
  • 12pm-8:30pm: Luncheons, Sessions, Dinners, Other Conference Agenda
  • 8:45pm-10:30pm: COTBE Afterglow, Junior Ballroom C & D

Tues., Feb. 26

  • 9am-1pm: Sessions, Luncheons, etc.
  • 1-2:30pm & 2:45-4:15pm: COTBE Break-Out Sessions ~ David Stockwell, "Winning Disciples & Training Disciples"
  • 4:45-5:45pm - Austin Stone Worship & Closing with Jim Cymbala