Jay Breland

​​​​The Conference of Texas Baptist Evangelists (COTBE) welcomes you to its directory, and encourages you to learn more about your partners in evangelism.  

COTBE is a fellowship of individual evangelists, teams, husbands and wives, and families serving together. Vocational Evangelists differ from lay-people and other ministers who do the work of evangelists, in that they feel a special call of God to pursue evangelism as a vocation. This entails the freedom to be available to go anywhere, any time they have an open date. Each individual evangelist is responsible to determine to what extent they can do other areas of ministries, support their family, have sufficient rest and preparation time between engagements, and still maintain their focus, agenda, and title of Vocational Evangelist.

When you invite an evangelist from COTBE to your church, you can rest assured that the evangelist has:

  • Undergone a formal application and vetting process.
  • Received an endorsement from their home church with a statement of their integrity, and the authenticity of their evangelistic ministry.
  • Have met additional standards of accountability by affirming COTBE’s Articles of Accountability, which includes alignment with the doctrinal position of the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.
  • And, as far as can be determined COTBE knows of no unethical conduct, moral improprieties, or any conduct or belief, not congruent with Southern Baptist policies and doctrine.

Inclusion in this directory is not necessarily a recommendation of any individual evangelist, but an acknowledgment that he or she has met the strict qualifications of membership.